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Want to Raise Successful Kids? Jeff Bezos Says Practice This 1 Simple Habit |

Jeff Bezos seems to know a little something about inspiring success in young people, according to a Stanford psychology professor, and it can be as simple as just changing how you talk with your kids.  If you’ve been trained to do the opposite, you’re not alone. Source: Want to Raise Successful Kids? Jeff Bezos Says […]

What to do when you inherit your parents’ stuff — and you don’t want it – MarketWatch

Separating emotions from monetary value and planning ahead are key to a smooth estate transition, according to an expert who has helped many families across the US through the process. — Read on

How a remote work boom and city exodus might reshape rural America

  Can there be a silver lining behind the corona virus cloud? Some small towns and cities are starting to see an influx of young people. Is this a longterm trend or just a temporary phenomenon? Only time will tell. Source: How a remote work boom and city exodus might reshape rural America

America, we have a problem

Money isn’t distributed equally enough in America anymore, and it’s getting worse, faster. Those living on minimum wage are earning 38% less, adjusted for inflation, compared to their counterparts 50 years ago. What gives? — Read on

A Harvard and MIT Study Says Doing 1 Simple Thing Is ‘Almost Magical’ for Your Child’s Brain Development and Success |

This one thing is very doable and very powerful, as brain research has shown. — Read on

VIDEO: Springdale robotics team prepares for competition in Dubai

SPRINGDALE — Community organizations and individuals have pledged thousands of dollars to help send a Tyson School of Innovation robotics team overseas to an international competition next month. — Read on

Is Co-housing the Win-Win Answer to a Global Affordable Housing Crisis?

Cohousing isn’t just a place to live, it’s an intentional community. — Read on

Community Rallies Behind Teen’s Hot Dog Stand for School Clothes

Minneapolis Officials Help Teen Get Permits for Hot Dog Stand How many times have we read about a story in which children tried to experiment with a lemon aid or hot dog stand that was closed down quickly and emotionlessly by cranky neighbors and overzealous city authorities? Sadly, it seems to happen a lot, making […]