Community Rallies Behind Teen’s Hot Dog Stand for School Clothes

Minneapolis Officials Help Teen Get Permits for Hot Dog Stand

How many times have we read about a story in which children tried to experiment with a lemon aid or hot dog stand that was closed down quickly and emotionlessly by cranky neighbors and overzealous city authorities? Sadly, it seems to happen a lot, making me wonder if local governments have forgotten that they are here to serve their citizens, not the other way around.

On a positive note, I came across this article today in which a Minnesota community not only didn’t shut down a teen, running a hot dog stand to raise money for school clothes, they even helped him get permits and proper equipment for the budding business. Now that is how to build a resilient and successful community of the future, by helping the youth of today! Check out the story below:


Source: Community Rallies Behind Minnesota Teen Opening Hot Dog Stand to Raise Money for School Clothes

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