Man shoots down drone hovering over house

A Kentucky man shot down a drone that had allegedly trespassed over his property and hovered over his house.  Do property owners have the right to protect their airspace privacy and, if so, what means can they use?  The number of such encounters is expected to rapidly increase as more and more amateur and corporate […]

How much $100 is really worth in each state

In a fascinating look at the cost of living in all 50 states and hundreds of metropolitan areas, the Tax Foundation shows exactly how much — and how little — 100 bucks is worth depending where you live. Source: How much $100 is really worth in each state

More older Americans are being buried by housing debt

The costs of living in the United States are rapidly outpacing any increases in income for those still in the workforce, but for those who have already left the rat race and are currently living on fixed incomes, the negative effects of eroding buying power are even more acute.  Many retirees are still treading water […]

Goodbye Obuse Elementary Sports Festival

  Obuse, Japan:  This morning I arrived early at the Obuse Elementary school grounds in order to secure a coveted shady area before the annual sports festival began.  It’s a special year because it’s the last festival for my sixth grade son, and it’s also my retirement from frantically shooting photos and video of my three […]

Obuse City Free Market

 This Sunday, Obuse held it’s semiannual Free Market where local residents could sell their unwanted items rather than dump them on the already overburdened refuse system.  I think Recycling is a “good” way to reduce the waste stream, but Repurposing through such markets is a “great” way.  A friend and I agreed to set up […]

Masako Harada Exhibition Draws Crowd at Obuse Museum

   Masako Harada, Japanese artist, philanthropist, and long term friend, welcomed a packed room of fans and friends to the opening ceremony of her landscape exhibition now showing at the Obuse Museum until May 26th.      After the opening ceremony, guests were treated to a concert in which Ms. Harada demonstrated her talents on […]


Happy Mother/Female Nurturer’s Day!


Mother’s Day in Japan

The florists are crowded with middle-aged men and children, which can mean only one thing…it’s Mother’s Day. It’s the one day of the year when we tell our moms just how much we appreciate them for the other 364 days that they fed, clothed, educated, scolded (well, at least in my case…), nurtured, and generally loved us.  Thanks, Mom for bringing me into this world…and for resisting the urge to send me back when I almost blew up the house….  But enough about that.  Not to belittle what moms have done,  I thought it about time we also showed some appreciation to all the other women out there who have nurtured us in some way. As a boy, I was fortunate enough to be able to meet my grandmothers almost daily.  They were truly saints who bent over backwards for me even through my periods of rebellion. I really wish I had another chance to tell them how much they were appreciated.  Another nuturer in my life is a very special aunt who has spent years mentoring this country boy about the big world that lay on the other side of the dirt road in front of his house.  I credit her with giving me the courage and skills to go on and complete my college education and explore the world… and I’ve been living on the opposite side of the planet for over two decades since then.

So as you celebrate Mother’s Day this year, consider changing the name to, “Mother/Female Nuturer’s Day,” then go out and thank ALL the women who have positively impacted your life.  Do it today because nobody knows what will happen tomorrow; you may never get another opportunity.

Happy Mother/Female Nurtuer’s Day!


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