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Is This Giant Hydroponic Greenhouse in Kentucky the Future of Farming?

Are AI-controlled greenhouses containing endless rows of tomatoes growing in soilless containers the future of agriculture? Read more below: — Read on

‘Farms are going to need different kinds of robots’

Cattle on a farm in Australia wear smart sensors on their ears. The sensors stream data about their locations and health conditions to the farmer. The farming industry appears to have stagnated over the decades, however, it is currently undergoing an amazing transformation with new agri-technologies. Read more about it below. — Read on

‘Three little pigs’: Musk’s Neuralink puts computer chips in animal brains – Reuters

Elon Musk proposes bringing another sci-fi product to a location near you, to your brain as a matter of fact. Cyborgs are no longer limited to one’s imagination or the big screen. According to Musk, we could see them roaming the streets within a matter of years. He suggests that computer chip brain implants could […]

AI fighter pilot wins in combat simulation

Is the world depicted in the movie The Terminator almost here with the rapid development of AI applications?  Recently, a US-based AI system successfully demonstrated superiority over a veteran combat pilot in simulated air combat scenarios, suffering no losses despite having less capable weapons systems.  It wouldn’t be too much of a stretch of the imagination to visualize […]