Wall Street Fears 50% Stock Drop Could Reach Scary “Fair Value” Level

This October is bringing with it a lot of scary stuff, and Halloween isn’t even here yet. Wall Street is starting to issue dire warnings that a significant stock market correction of 50% could reduce equity values back down to…get this… historic “fair value” averages. Because of this, we may have a real “Trick-or-Treat” market environment. Over-leveraged bulls who have been buying at the top, should certainly be worried about getting a “Trick” this season. But for the bears who anticipated and prepared for the downturn, it could be a welcome “Treat”…or possibly just another step towards much lower lows in undervalued territory, and the “sweetest” returns they’ve seen in years.

— Read on www.cnbc.com/amp/2018/10/11/stock-drop-of-40percent-to-50percent-is-fair-value-morgan-street-capital.html

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