‘Requiem For The American Dream’: A Wakeup Call for the Middleclass

In this 2015 interview renowned intellectual Noam Chomsky reveals the ten principles the wealthy ruling elites have used to acquire the bulk of America’s wealth.  The film was quite prescient in predicting many of the symptoms we have been experiencing since the 2016 presidential election through the first month of the Trump administration, but explains that they have been present throughout American history under most of the administrations.  Chomsky’s talk should prove of great interest to all Americans regardless of our political affiliations. I hope it causes you to become more aware of and angry about the “matrix” around you, as it did me.  I hope it encourages you to positively and actively contribute to the betterment of our society, and deflect the negative and divisive pressures heaped upon us by the 1%ers.  Despite all the assurances from the government and the elites that the economy is doing great and getting better, it is apparent that the middle and lower classes are being set up to pay for yet another economic crisis bailout.  Watch the film, spread the word, build community… and let the 1%ers know that we aren’t going to put up with their manipulation any more.

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