Get Ready… Change Is Upon Us | Peak Prosperity

Dear Republican and Democrat friends.  I urge you to take a few minutes to read this article, which may give you fresh perspective on the recent presidential election and what long-term trends have brought us to this point.  Chris Martenson wrote an excellent article on the Peak Prosperity website which suggests that long-term economic policies pursued by BOTH parties have heavily favored the top 5%.  These policies have, at the same time, decimated the middle class to the point where, out of desperation, the silent rural majority was instrumental in electing a character who, although hugely unpopular, promises to take the fight to the ruling elites. Whether he has any chance of doing this remains the question, but he certainly won’t pursue it unless Americans keep him and the entire government accountable. I hope that this article will help us to overcome our minor political differences so that we can join forces against a much more ominous foe that threatens our very freedom and economic survival for decades to come.  The ruling elites, sometimes referred to as the 1%, have been distracting us for years, encouraging division and conflict in order to maintain control.  It’s all about wealth and power and it seems they are willing to do anything to hold on to it…even run the country into the ground.  A united people is NOT in their best interests. If you find this article informative, please share it with family and friends regardless of their political affiliation.

Source: Get Ready… Change Is Upon Us | Peak Prosperity

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