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Would You Live in a Plastic House?

For years we’ve heard how bad plastics are for the environment supported by countless stories of landfills overflowing with plastics, deadly toxins and hormonal disruptors, and a huge floating island of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.   And now the plastic industry wants to build houses out of the stuff?  Is it time to break out the picket signs and start protesting?  Not so fast.  Apparently, these aren’t your grandfather’s plastics anymore.  According the American Chemistry Council, modern plastic building materials are much safer and efficient than their ancestors.  The Plastics Make It Possible campaign built an experimental 200-foot tiny house to demonstrate the many benefits of building with modern plastic materials, many already used in housing construction today.

Source: Would You Live in a Plastic House?

Four Families Build ‘Magical’ $40K Tiny Houses

Four families built vacation homes together outside Austin, Texas that are each just 400 square feet and they share a separate common kitchen and dining room. Is the growing popularity of tiny homes catalyzing a movement away from old cookie-cutter suburbs to new vibrant intentional communities? Source: Four Families Build ‘Magical’ $40K Tiny Houses