Monthly Archives: April 2015

Evening Rugby Tag at Nagano High School

   The Nagano Rugby School is practicing rugby tag this evening.  The kids are really enjoying the opportunity to stretch their legs after a long spell of cold rainy weather.  It’s a great sport for getting exercise, and building teamwork skills so valuable in the adult world.

How To Get Rid of Fat…Consume More Oil!

Now that I’ve got your attention I guess I’d better explain before you are tempted to go out and start guzzling cooking oil…or worse…motor oil.      My daughter recently learned that one of her favorite models consumes copious amounts of  coconut oil in her foods and drinks in order to stay trim.  Apparently, some […]

Northern Nagano Says Sayonara to Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms were beautify while they lasted although the cold, rainy weather made it difficult to stay outside very long to enjoy them.  Here is a photo taken at Garyu Park in Suzaka, Nagano prefecture, last weekend when cherry trees were at full bloom.