The Housing Supply Problem

  US housing supply can’t keep up with accelerating demand, which forces home prices and rents up. The article suggests that this imbalance could potentially wake the sleeping inflation dragon and force the Fed to raise rates more frequently and aggressively than expected. Source: Housing market supply problem – Business Insider

Zappos’ multimillionaire CEO explains why he lives in a trailer park with his two pet llamas – Yahoo Finance

  Zappos’ Founder,Tony Hsieh, moved from a luxury penthouse to a 240 square-foot trailer in a Las Vegas trailer park…intentionally…and has been happy ever since.  Read the article to find out why. Source: Zappos’ multimillionaire CEO explains why he lives in a trailer park with his two pet llamas – Yahoo Finance

What a Top Brain Health Expert Eats for Breakfast and Lunch

Nutritional neurologist Dr. David Permultter let Yahoo Health into his kitchen. Spoiler alert: He is not afraid of olive oil! By Max Lugavere, Yahoo Health contributor Filmmaker Max Lugavere is known for his popular vlogs on health science topics ranging from intermittent fasting to the microbiome. Source: What a Top Brain Health Expert Eats for […]

Why you should consider freezing your credit reports

In this age of high-profile security breeches at both private and public entities, the risk of having one’s financial accounts accessed or identity stolen is increasing dramatically.  Freezing your credit reports could be a big step in thwarting would-be identity thieves from gaining access to your financial information and using it to acquire credit cards […]

Naturalist David Attenborough says sun can save Earth – Yahoo News

David Attenborough, acclaimed nature documentary-maker, calls on the world’s governments to spend a fraction of their defense-related R&D budgets on making renewable energy so cheap that, in ten years , nobody will want to use fossil fuels anymore.  According to Attenborough, capturing only 1/5000th of the solar energy that falls on the earth and moon […]


Would You Live in a Plastic House?

For years we’ve heard how bad plastics are for the environment supported by countless stories of landfills overflowing with plastics, deadly toxins and hormonal disruptors, and a huge floating island of plastic trash in the middle of the Pacific Ocean.   And now the plastic industry wants to build houses out of the stuff?  Is it time to break out the picket signs and start protesting?  Not so fast.  Apparently, these aren’t your grandfather’s plastics anymore.  According the American Chemistry Council, modern plastic building materials are much safer and efficient than their ancestors.  The Plastics Make It Possible campaign built an experimental 200-foot tiny house to demonstrate the many benefits of building with modern plastic materials, many already used in housing construction today.

Source: Would You Live in a Plastic House?