Monthly Archives: September 2015

Obuse, Japan Fox Festival

This video is about the 17th annual Fox Festival held in Obuse, Nagano Prefecture, Japan every September.  Citizens from the Higashimachi neighborhood spend countless hours preparing for the festival, which has become an attraction for not only Obuse residents, but also for tourists from across the country. The video focuses on the  young fox bridegroom […]

America’s richest (and poorest) states – Yahoo Finance

Any idea how your state stacks up in the nation’s wealth rankings?  In addition to your state’s rank you can learn about its median household income, current population, unemployment rate, and poverty rate. H/T 24/7 Wallstreet   Source: America’s richest (and poorest) states – Yahoo Finance

7 assumptions about retirement: True or false? – Yahoo Finance

Are you prepared for retirement, or even thinking about it? The reality of these seven common assumptions might surprise you. For example, many believe that the Social Security system will be bankrupt by the time they retire.  The reality is that the system looks viable for the next two decades, and probably longer with appropriate […]